Get Quality Legal Advice After a Pasco County Auto Accident

Zephyrhills, Fla. – The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles latest crash statistics show that Pasco County had 5,780 auto accidents and 79 fatalities in 2009. Most of injuries came from a vehicle rear-ending another vehicle. After that, vehicles hitting at an angle caused the worst injuries. Intersections and exit ramps were the site of the most accidents.

“Auto accidents can be extremely frustrating and leave you with injuries, insurance issues, and car repairs,” said Zephyrhills auto accident attorney Robert Alston. “You need someone to look out for your best interests as the insurance company is not going to go out of their way to help you.”

An accident with an uninsured motorist can be a tough experience to go through, too. Estimates show that in Florida, nearly 24 percent of drivers do not have insurance. That is why it is so important to be proactive and make sure you have an insurance policy with adequate coverage and limits. The right kind of insurance coverage can protect against an uninsured motorist, and ensure that coverage is adequate for bodily injury and medical expenses, property damage and personal injury protection.

Auto accident lawyers recommend that anyone who is involved in a serious accident should contact an attorney who is knowledgeable with automobile policies and coverage. “Insurance adjusters want to settle your claim quickly and oftentimes for the least amount of money,” said Alston. “At their urging, you may sign a document or give a statement without knowing the consequences.”

A qualified Zephyrhills auto accident lawyer wants their clients to focus on getting their injuries healed and returning as much as possible to a normal routine. It is crucial to work with an experienced attorney and a medical professional until a plateau is reached. “You never want to settle just to get closure on your case,” said Alston. “Some injuries aren’t evident until weeks or months down the line.”

An auto accident attorney calculates the true compensation a client will need long after the case is over. Some auto injuries do require routine procedures or medication to get an individual healthy again.

Robert Alston has practiced auto accident law for more than 10 years and prior to law school was a licensed insurance agent. He knows the importance of fighting for a client’s rights to get the compensation and benefits they need during this traumatic time. The Disability Law Firm is renowned for their successful track record in auto accident cases throughout Pasco County and Tampa Bay.

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Children Most Susceptible to Serious Head Injuries as Outdoor Summertime Fun Nears

Zephyrhills, Fla. – With the warm months of summertime quickly approaching, kids are bound to be outside playing with friends and running around. Climbing in trees, bouncing on trampolines and having contests are what being a kid is all about. But without supervision or some rules, kids can become victims of slip and fall injuries.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that an estimated half a million hospital visits are made for head injuries by children 14 years old and below. Slip and fall accidents account for 50 percent of the cases. And children from zero to four years old and teens from 15 to 19 years old are the most susceptible to these traumatic brain injuries.

“Kids should have fun and enjoy their friends and the outdoors,” said Robert Alston, Zephyrhills serious injury attorney. “Your duty as a parent is to prevent these accidents as much as possible – actively look out for dangers in and around your house and ask your child about the games or activities they are doing at a friend’s home.”

Parents can do everything to ensure their home and property is safe, but the same cannot be said of public places. Alston has dealt with cases of unsafe retail shops, restaurants, sidewalks and more, and knows that it sometimes takes legal action to rectify these perils. Hazardous conditions can lead to severe head trauma and cause seizures, neurological defects and sometimes death.

The Florida-based Traumatic Brain Injury Resource and Support Center advises parents to seek medical attention if their child has the following symptoms:

–          very sleepy or hard to wake up

–          unable to focus the eyes normally, loss of smell and taste

–          difficulty walking

–          vomits multiple times after hitting head

–          seizures

–          head, neck or back pain

–          difficulties with memory, processing information, paying attention

–          anxiety and egocentric behaviors

“When your child is trying to recover, the last thing you need to do is try to fight the legal and insurance issues on your own,” said Alston. “Legal counsel is critical in protecting your child’s and your family’s right to adequate compensation and medical care.”

The best advice for prevention of slip and fall accidents for kids is to not leave young kids unsupervised, use baby gates to prevent jumping from stairs, always buckle the kids in shopping carts and high chairs, and have them wear a helmet during sports activities.

The Disability Law Firm has more than a decade of experience in serious injury law matters. They are known for their tenacity and compassion to efficiently resolve a child’s devastating injuries.

For more information please contact:

Robert C. Alston, Tampa and Zephyrhills Serious Injury Attorney

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SaferProducts Website to Help Consumers Discover Harmful Products and Lurking Serious Injuries

Consumers can get ahead of the curve starting in March when the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission officially launches its website. Anyone will be able to see which consumer products are unsafe or potentially hazardous. Manufacturers, importers, and private labelers will have incident reports and post responses to safety issues.

“The CPSC is charged with ensuring the safety of consumer products,” said Robert Alston, Tampa serious injury attorney. “The new website is another great tool to inform consumers and alert them to products that could cause injury or even death.”

Under the CPSC’s jurisdiction, products that pose fire, electrical, chemical or mechanical hazards will be visible and searchable on the new website. The site will help consumers make educated decisions before they buy products. It will also provide consumers up to date information regarding mandated recalls. In a typical month, the CPSC issues 40 product safety alerts.

The new website will also allow consumers to report unsafe products immediately. “Everything from ingestion, suffocation, and strangulation hazards for infants to household fire and fall hazards, the website will provide a way for consumers to report their concerns,” said Alston, who has more than 11 years of experience counseling clients on their serious injury claims and rights. “Every consumer will want to utilize this resource for the latest on how to protect themselves and their family.”

Serious injury cases involve complex legal and insurance matters. With the number of unsafe consumer products such as power tools, toys, cribs, household chemicals, and appliances, consumers need prompt legal attention. The Disability Law Firm will provide a free consultation and give honest, unbiased advice.

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New Florida Laws and Fines Proposed for 2011 to Combat Texting While Driving

Zephyrhills, Fla. – Public sentiment and the media are revving up the need to ban texting while driving in Florida in 2011. Last year 5,500 people were killed in the U.S. and another estimated half a million were injured due to distracted driving. Most of those fatalities happened to people less than 20 years old. Cell phones can be a great way to stay in touch with family and friends, but a huge detriment while driving.

Last year, 17 different bills were proposed by Florida lawmakers in both branches of government to address texting while driving. A Senate bill passed 34-4 but it died in the House when the chair of the House Finance and Tax Council refused to call a vote on the bill in her committee. There does not seem to be as much opposition to these measures this year, say lawmakers.

GOP Senator Evelyn Lynn has proposed a bill that makes texting while driving a primary offense, thereby permitting officers the ability to cite a driver for this specific infraction. Other lawmakers want to make texting while driving a secondary offense, so the driver would have to be pulled over for another reason and then found in violation of this, too. But people who have been injured or had a family member die feel drivers should be forced to use hands-free devices, like eight other states have put into law.

“Imagine being in an auto accident because a person was careless and couldn’t wait to answer their cellphone or text message,” said Robert Alston, auto accident attorney at The Disability Law Firm in Zephyrhills and Tampa, Fla. “The damage and injuries can be extensive, and daily we assist clients who have had their lives changed forever.”

After an auto accident, it is critical to get prompt medical care and legal advice. A lawyer who understands and can explain the nuances of insurance coverage is critical to ensure that an injured victim’s rights are fully protected. Robert Alston brings a unique perspective to his auto accident practice, as he was a licensed insurance agent prior to law school. He has more than 10 years of experience as an auto accident lawyer, and knows how to work with insurance companies to the client’s benefit.

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