Social Security Disability

social security disabilityMost people are familiar with Social Security Retirement benefits; however, there are other benefits available. The Social Security Administration also handles two other types of benefits which are available to qualified individuals. They are Social Security Disability Insurance benefits and Supplemental Security Income benefits.

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Auto Accidents

auto accidentsIf you have been injured in an auto accident, it is extremely important that you receive prompt medical care and legal advice. The most important thing to remember is do not give a recorded statement or sign any documents until you have consulted with an attorney. An insurance adjuster’s job is to settle a claim quickly and cheaply.

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Serious Injury

serious injurySerious injuries have a significant impact on your life which can last for years, and sometimes a lifetime. Whether it is dog bite, a slip and fall, or a devastating car accident the one thing that you need is to receive timely medical care and legal advice. We look out for our client’ s needs and their best interest.

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