Drop Side Crib Ban Takes Effect in 2011 Due to Serious Injuries and Death

Tampa, Fla. – By June of this year, drop side cribs will be banned. Manufacturers will have to make cribs with stationary sides that cannot be dropped.

Many of the drop side cribs have been recalled and some of them even led to deaths. These cribs were originally made with convenience in mind, so that parents and caregivers could drop down one side and easily lift their child. But the Consumer Protection Agency has ruled that they are less structurally sound, and the side that moves up and down has a tendency to break, deform or detach. This creates a dangerous gap between the crib mattress and dropped side, causing injury and at least 32 deaths over the last decade.

Even Tampa childcare centers, hotels, and other facilities must replace drop-side cribs with a crib that has fixed sides. A Tampa serious injury lawyer can help clients determine what recourse there is against the manufacturer, and depending on whether the injury occurred from falling, strangulation, or entrapment, assess who is responsible and what rights the child and parent have to compensation and medical care.

More than nine million drop-side cribs have been recalled, and new crib standards will involve rigorous testing that will mimic having a child in the crib. “Sadly, products are manufactured and sold that are dangerous to infants and kids,” said Robert Alston, serious injury lawyer at The Disability Law Firm. “A parent must always be on the lookout for defective furniture, toys, clothing, and other consumer products.”

The Disability Law Firm handles serious injuries and seeks the best result for their clients. They counsel clients on their rights and possible insurance and medical compensation. “The law holds irresponsible entities accountable for their actions, and victims are due adequate compensation for medical bills as well as pain and suffering,” said Alston, who has more than 10 years of experience in serious injury law. “A good serious injury lawyer will help you understand your rights and fight for the money you and your child need and deserve.”

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Zephyrhills Attorney Helps Increase Chances of Getting Social Security Disability Income

Zephyrhills, Fla. – Social Security disability insurance is set to pay out close to $124 billion in 2011. Because of the limited resources of the Social Security Administration and the high volume of applicants, a staggering 60 percent of applicants are denied. And when individuals appeal for reconsideration, 80 percent are denied.

“With these discouraging numbers, it can be extremely beneficial to have an attorney handle your application and the potential appeals process,” said Robert Alston, Social Security disability attorney at The Disability Law Firm in Zephyrhills, Fla. “An experienced lawyer will help their client organize the paperwork and medical records, prepare you and witnesses for hearings, and know how to deal with the SSA offices and judges.”

Avoid these common mistakes and pick a qualified attorney to get the benefits you deserve. These errors are repeated so many times, it is worth pointing them out in a short list to increase the prospect of getting SSDI.

Do not file a disability claim while having a job. When applying for SSDI, individuals are claiming that they need benefits because they are unable to obtain or perform substantial, gainful employment. Chances of being awarded disability while working are slim, even though there is no rule against it.

Do not rely only on the consultative exam. Individuals must have enough medical evidence to support their claim. When used in tandem with the consultative exam, a disabling condition is easier to prove. On its own, the consultative exam might not show the truly extensive nature of a disability.

Do not skimp on prescribed treatments for your disability. It does not do any good to stop prescription medicine or therapies to have your disability appear worse. The Social Security examiner will want to see the history of treatments, and how well you have responded to it. And if an individual does not follow the recommendations of his or her doctor, an application can be denied on these terms as well.

Statistics show that individuals who have an attorney represent them during the initial application process are more likely to receive benefits than those who try to do it themselves. “And you should never feel like you cannot afford an attorney for this type of representation,” said Alston, who has more than 10 years experience in Social Security disability claims. “Social Security attorneys work on a contingency basis, so once you are approved for disability benefits only then will your lawyer receive up to 25 percent of your disability back pay as a fee.”

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