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The Disability Law Firm will be your partner, working to protect your interests as you navigate through the legal system.

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Social Security Disability Claims

If you, or someone you know, is thinking about filing for social security disability benefits, please get my FREE report which reveals 7 Secrets that can mean the difference between getting benefits and being denied!

Automobile Accidents

Get my FREE report 5 Mistakes That Will Cost You. As a former insurance agent and now an attorney, I explain how the insurance company and even Florida law is stacked against you and how you can avoid mistakes which can reduce your recovery.

The Disability Law Firm is not just a name, it is the only thing we do!

Our entire staff is trained and dedicated to help you navigate a complicated and confusing system. Without legal help, the system can easily overwhelm you with denial after denial.

If you have filed or want to file a social security disability claim, you need legal representation. I strongly recommend that you download my free report Social Security Disability – 7 Secrets Revealed. This report will give you important information, including why all representatives are not the same and why you should have an attorney file your claim from the very beginning.

The Disability Law Firm, unlike many attorneys and non-attorney representatives, will handle your claim from the very beginning. Once we file your claim, we use extensive monitoring systems to ensure that your claim is not lost in the more than 3 million applications filed every year. At The Disability Law Firm, we combine our extensive expertise and the latest technology so you will have the best opportunity of being awarded benefits.

Don’t fight the government alone! We work for free unless you win!

We also handle auto accidents and serious injury cases. As a previous insurance agent, I am familiar with the insurance companies and what is important in these types of claims. Please download my free report, 5 Mistakes That Will Cost You, and gain useful information you need to know if you are ever in an accident. After reading my report, you will have the knowledge to protect you and your family.

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